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The Code Corner
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This is The Code Corner. In the Code corner i will post codes/hacks for various cheating devices. If you have anything to add to our list then send it in through our "Contact Guild Leader" page and we will post it up. I will also list at least one place where you can get these devices.



Mega X-Key is a multifaceted product developed by Team X4 which unlocks the power of your XBox, allowing you to transfer your game saves between your XBox and your PC. It comes with loads of ready to go game saves which can be managed using the included software. It also serves as a "Mega" memory card with 32 MB of storage that plugs right into the USB port of your PC allowing you to transfer game saves between your PC and the Mega X-Key. The Mega X-Key can then be connected to your XBox to transfer the saves between your Xbox and the Mega X-Key. Using Mega X-Key, you can easily trade game saves with friends and colleagues and download the latest game saves for the latest games from the Internet. You can use these saves to unlock the secrets of many of your favorite games! Levels, cars, weapons, lives and other cheats are hidden in your games, and the Mega X-Key can bring them to you!

Mega X-Key Software V2 will not only look much better, but also have new features and a skinnable user interface:

Purchase at LIKSANG

Download codes and game saves at the official web site of this item